Time-Saving Devices – Sat Nav, Wireless Internet, USB Stick

Time-Saving Devices – Sat Nav, Wireless Internet, USB Stick

These days there are so many expectations place on individuals, which make time management skills a useful resource for daily life. There are a wide range of gadgets now available to help save time, with four key devices including Sat Nav, wireless Internet connection, USB memory sticks and digital voice recorders.

Time-Saving Devices – Sat Nav and Wireless Internet Connection

Two very simple ways to save time both in terms of work and leisure, include purchasing Sat Nav and changing Internet connection to wireless. Sat Nav, which stands for Satellite Navigation System, is an essential tool for those who have to travel a lot. This handy gadget allows one to be guided through a combination of voice, symbols or on-screen maps. Those prone to getting lost can also save an awful lot of time, because Sat Nav will automatically provide a new route to get back on track. When stuck in traffic, Sat Nav allows one to work out a new route, without the need to waste more time checking maps.

Another really useful device is wireless Internet connection, this is absolutely ideal for those who work from home, as it provides one with the freedom to work outside or choose a cooler location in warmer weather. Wireless Internet connection is a great time-saver, as it means one can also multi-task much more easily.

Time Management Devices – USB Memory Sticks and Digital Voice Recorders

As identified by Short (2008) in Time Management For Dummies, USB memory sticks have the ability to save anything from a few documents to several hundred files, by simply plugging the memory stick into the USB port of the computer. The USB memory stick is perfect for work meetings and is also useful for holidays, where a spare memory stick can be used to provide extra photo storage. An additional use for this device is in terms of having a back-up of important documents. Digital voice recorders are another useful time-saving device, allowing personal reminders to be stored digitally through the use of a hand-held gadget.

A digital voice recorder offers users the ideal opportunity to save time whilst commuting to and from work, as one can use the device to record new ideas and to-do lists for the day ahead, or for organising jobs which need doing within the home. In long meetings or on work-related courses, this handy gadget allows important information to be stored, thus making scribbling notes unnecessary.

As highlighted above, key time management devices may include, USB memory sticks, wireless Internet connection, Sat Nav and digital voice recorders. These gadgets are excellent time-savers for those who regularly work from home or have to do frequent business trips.

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