Electricity Safety Tips

Electricity Safety Tips

Even the most accomplished electrician needs a refresher course on electricity safety tips every once and a while. No matter how old or young you are, and no matter how much you know about electrical currents, they can still hurt you without taking proper precautions. Use this article to brush up on electrical safety for the home and work.

Electrical Safety Relating to Kids

Although adults and children should remember all electricity safety tips, some circumstances cater more toward children than others. Indoors, let children know not to touch anything electrical with wet hands. Water conducts electricity. Also, make sure they leave electrical outlets alone until they are old enough to insert the cord correctly and safety without touching the prongs or the holes. Once they reach an old enough age, show them the proper procedure.

Rules to teach children outdoors include never climbing electrical poles or playing on green transformers. Any time they fly a kite or an airplane, they should stay away from all power lines.

Electricity at Work

Anyone who works around computers, appliances, or hand tools should arm themselves with electricity safety tips. This basically includes most workers in America. If you frequently work with dangerous machines and need to turn them off to work on them properly, make sure to lock out and tag the shut-off switch to prevent someone else from turning the power back on and hurting you.

For people who have more tame office jobs, simply make sure all appliances and computers have plenty of room to cool off to prevent overheating. Also, check power cords to make sure they all have proper insulation and are completely plugged into the wall.

Electrical Safety for Handymen and Women

People who like to fix things up around the house may not have extensive electrical knowledge, but they can keep themselves safe by following a couple of simple rules. First and foremost, turn off the breaker switch to the room you plan on working remodeling or repairing. Also, buy a little voltage tester to plug into outlets to make sure you turned off the right breaker switch. They usually have a little light if the outlet is hot.

There is nothing scarier than someone doodling in electricity when they know nothing about it. Instead, arm yourself with preventative knowledge and advise your children of the dangers as well. Use safety precautions with the little ones, such as outlet protectors, and keep a respectful distance from anything with an electric current.

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